Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I finished both the Zorse and the Morgan yesterday. Both are pieces for my own show string. I had fun working on the Zorse as he proved to be an interesting challenge. I think I really needed a challenge. I've found a picture of what the real foal grew up to look like and in the future hope to paint her on the Duchess mold.

Here are the finished horses. Sorry about the dark photos. There wasn't very much good light yesterday.

I went with my parents up to  the Mohawk trail and it was really nice because not only the foliage, but places with model horses! The place where we got our pumpkins and apples had a whole display of HRs. They had tons of all different animals and a while section of just horses. I ended up getting two models I already had so I could use them for repainting.  Check back soon to see what they are!

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