Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Massive Undertaking!

For the last 2 months I have been slowly taking photos of my entire model horse collection. not group photos, but each horse individually or variations together. I'd take a shelf at a time, bring them all to my photo light tent, take their photos and put them back and then do it all over again!

I still have not photographed my stablemates, HR mini chinas, medallions and several other random models in various places, but I hope to be done with all of the additional organizing soon.

Part of this was to have everyone in one place so I know what I have. I also wanted to really get going on getting my collection insured and it is fun to share what you own. I love looking at other people's collection galleries. I hope that people enjoy looking at mine.

If anyone would like to take a peek. here is the album.

I highly recommend google's photo albums for storage and organization. And their downloadable program makes organizing and uploading a breeze!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Finally some studio time!

I thought going to part time at the store would enable me to get into the studio more, but my boss at the farm has needed me quite a bit this week. She had surgery and needed extra help and wanted me to work today, Thursday and Friday, even though i also worked Monday and tuesday! I declined for hours today as I really wanted to get some studio time. And boy did I! after a quick run to Walmart for new Bondo Spot putty (mine was old and dried out)I worked for a little over 6 hours in my studio.

I have been doing alot of prep work and have been working on about 7-8 models at the same time. I like to have a large variety of different models so that I don't get bored working on a particular one. (It must be a Gemini thing!)

I was able to finish prepping 2 models and also base coated them in acrylics. I also got lots of prepping done on some Traditionals, a classic, a resin and several stablemates.

below are a group of models I have been working on the most. Notice a trend?

I have been working on this PAM forever but she is starting to come along. And I just adore the foal after tilting the head a little and sanding down and carving her ears to be more delicate.

Isn't she cute?

this is a customized classic foal I picked up for $2 at a live show last June. What a steal! I wanted her to be perfect so she took me quite a while to prep. She will be a baby chestnut.

And this is a Qh foal i picked up recently. I may add more white after his coat in oils is done. we'll see.

I am looking forward to doing something in the studio other than prepping! That is my least favorite thing to do!