Saturday, May 15, 2010

Busy Bee!

Despite not updating this blog in 2 months, I have actually been working on various projects over the last few months. Working extra hours at both of my jobs has kept me quite busy and very exhausted, but I have found time here and there to get a few projects done.

This is my vast crew of in progress customs (and this isn't even all of them!)

I like working on alot of models at once because I have the bad tendency to get bored working on the same project. So to keep myself working I work on many projects at one time. If I don't feel like prepping, there is something to paint. if I don't feel like painting there is something to prep or customize. While this might drive other artists crazy, it works well for me. 
The weather has been very nice (if chilly lately) here in the Northeast and in time for a Classic and smaller show next weekend I have been prepping and painting away to get a few new models finished. 

I bought a bunch of old mold stablemates and other Maureen Love pieces because her work really inspires me. I've also decided that Classic and smaller scale is easier for me to prep and paint and will be my primary size for work. 

Here are two SMs I finished,. One old mold and one newer mold. 

This little mustang was a happy accident that turned into a fun customizing project. I've never sculpted a new neck before and while I know this guy isn't perfect, I am happy with how he came out for a first try.  
This Man O War mold has been sitting unloved for quite some time. I bulked him out a little and reworked his mane and tail a little. He was originally going to be a CM of my deceased gelding, Tempa, but i think the classic swaps works better for his body type.

I also painted a classic QH Foal, who I just adore!

These pieces are all for my own collection right now, but I may have others available for sale in the future. And who knows, after I show some of these they may be up for sale. 

Thanks for reading!