Thursday, March 25, 2010

Restoration continued

So, I did quite a bit of work earlier in the week. I took out some of the paper that was inside his neck as filler and put in some wire and epoxy to give his neck and head more stability.

I then used my hand drill to make a hole in both his leg and his hoof as well as some zap-a-gap to reattach his broken hoof.

Next I filled the area missing epoxy on his neck. I left the neck thick as the original customizer had done. I'm restoring and not redoing. I glued the broken pieces of epoxy on the other side of his neck and then smoothed some epoxy over a large crack in his raised leg.

I let him dry for a few days, did some very minor sanding and today I painted the epoxy and touched him up. Sorry for the lousy pictures. My light tent is away! Still some retouching left to do, but overall I am pleased with my quick restoration project!

I hope you enjoyed!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Restoration project

I am really excited to have brought this guy home. I needed something to inspire me as I just have not been in the mood to be creative lately.

this is a Linda Leach hardy CM from possibly the mid 80s. Morgen brought a bunch of models needing TLC to a show over the weekend and I brought him and a few others home to play with.

here he is before I have done anything to him.

here he is with a little cleaning up of a slightly damp cloth. Sorry about the blurry picture!

I will be posting pictures later as I work on removing the paper in his neck and putting foil and wire instead to give the head more stability.