Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hopefully Back in Business!

It's been quite a while since I have posted any updates to my blog for a very good reason. I have moved! I've lived with my parents my whole life and have always dreamed of having my own farm. An impossible dream where I live in MA where farms go for massive amounts of money. But fate has been exceptionally kind to me and I am currently renting a 1800s farmhouse with a couple of acres for me and my animals for a really good price!

The last few months I have been fixing up the house, building a new barn for my ponies and moving 31 years worth of stuff from one house into another 6 minutes away.

I was working on a few projects before my move that had to wait and I am finally back in the business of workin in my "new" studio!

here is my new work space. half studio and half model horse room.
Deep into the room is the model horse section. Still much to do with repainting the ceiling tiles and putting up a horse border. 
 Here is the studio portion of the room. Still much organizing to do, though I have gotten alot accomplished since I moved in 2 weeks ago!
 My work area. I love these 3 windows that face the west. They offer so much natural light, even on cloudy days.
 You might have captured a glimpse of the two horses on my desk (above photo) Those are the two horses I am currently working on. A classic QH foal to a Zorse foal and a g1 SM morgan repaint.

The foal is being based on a real foal of the same color. The basecoat in oils is done (and dry at this time). The foal has new ears, a new tail and a slightly turned head. Color is slightly washed out in the photos. He will have his stripes painted by hand. Should be an interesting project!

 Color is actually a bit better here. He is shown with a normal QH foal.
And here is the G1 SM Morgan I am repainting. He will have fairly minimal white.

I now have to run off to work, but I hope to have more updates soon!